We offer quirky Handmade Leather Shoes, perfect for everyday wear, be it, a day at work, a ramble in the countryside, a jaunt on your bike or even a magical finishing touch for your wedding day, combining both comfort, functionality and unique style. Fairysteps shoes are designed for people who love their feet.

Who makes these magical Shoes?
We are a small, but dedicated cottage industry who work from our woodland home situated on the edge of Dartmoor. Days consist of family life, abundant tea, woodland management and lots of shoemaking. Established in 2002 the workshop continues to thrive, despite the very obvious lack of Elves.

All items in the shop (except MADE TO ORDER SHOES) are in stock and ready to post. No waiting... Full details regarding sizing and checking for fit are given on each footwear listing. Its simply a case of completing checkout and then stalking the postman. A despatch notification will be sent at time of posting ready for you to start hopping up and down.

Our specially selected leathers are top quality, smooth and supple with an antiqued pull up finish. They have natural scuffs and variations across the hide, enhancing their already unique natural beauty. With no plastic inserts or linings, your feet can breath naturally in Fairysteps shoes.

What makes Fairysteps shoes special, and what does barefoot comfort mean?
We believe that your shoes should feel just like slippers, all day, every day, and our shoes do just that. With all leather interiors your new shoes will naturally give with wear, gradually moulding to your feet and offering glove like comfort.
We use a durable, highly flexible, cushioned, non slip soling made by the Italian company Vibram. There is no heel, just like Mother nature intended, with the soling offering a good level of bounciness and protection. When the time comes your shoes can be resoled by your local cobbler, thus extending the life of your beloveds and avoiding landfill sites.

There are many interesting articles online that question highly constrictive, over constructed modern footwear, and praise the benefits of barefoot style shoes.

We have 2 collections: Woodland and Whimsy, with various toe shapes especially designed to be comfortable and fun, yet suitable for everyday wear. They are perfect for customers of any age. Afterall... fun is timeless.

We hope your new shoes are going to render you silent. Hopefully initially when you open the box, but from thereafter when you wear them too. Our soling is so quiet that you won't even hear your own footsteps. Perfect for woodland walks where you need to be as silent as possible. Full fitting instructions accompany each pair of shoes when they leave the Fairysteps workshop.

Sizing / Wide Fittings
Several of our styles will accommodate up to a F width fitting, designed especially for customers who need extra space across the width of their shoes. Ribbon adjustment means that the shoes can be effectively widened across the width and instep up to a F fitting, possibly more. These are also useful for hot summer feet that may be prone to swelling (a common problem for those who spend many hours on tired feet). Choose any of the following if you have wider than average feet: CLARA, PUCK, LUNA, ESTHER, QUEENIE.

Press Features
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